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Posted on October 28, 2013

The last leg of my typical morning commute in to our London office sees me walking past many of London’s finest sites.

For example I cross the road by the historic church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, which was built in 1726 and is the best known work of Scottish architect James Gibbs.

I then cross Trafalgar Square where Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson is positioned on his Column which sees him gazing towards the Thames where his fleet once lay, and down which his body was carried after he was killed by one of the last shots fired at his greatest victory, the Battle of Trafalgar.

That takes me past the National Gallery which stands on the former site of the King’s Mews, designed by William Wilkins and incorporating eight impressive columns salvaged from the nearby demolition of Carlton House, the former home of the Prince Regent.

My walk along Pall Mall takes me past many of the former Gentleman’s clubs, including the current Institute of Directors and the RAC Club; and is the same road that once homed residents such as Thomas Gainsborough (the artist) and Nell Gwynne (the 17th Century actress, and mistress of King Charles II).

As with much of London the contrast between the old and the new fuses together and becomes a homogenous mix of iconic London style. The different ages are obviously documented through the varying styles of property lining the streets, and it’s easy to see why so many of our clients have chosen to operate out of this part of the City. Where our clients have settled played a huge part in the decision making process that saw Pii opting for an office on Pall Mall. Being close to our clients in an environment that is so befitting to our industry reflects our customer-centric values, and we look forward to weaving our own little pocket of history into London’s Streets.

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