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Posted on December 12, 2018

Stackhouse Poland Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers, acquired Property Insurance Initiatives (Pii) on 10th December, 2018, combining years of insurance expertise.

The news has been published in the following media:
Business Leader
Post Online
Insurance Age
Insurance Times
Insider Media

Pii will operate under the Stackhouse Poland umbrella and will maintain its own brand until such time as the business is fully integrated into the enlarged Group. The acquisition will allow Pii to broaden its client base with the added resources of the Stackhouse Poland team, and will allow Stackhouse Poland to expand its special risks service offering.

Pii boasts a team of experts able to advise on all aspects of property risk, including property owner policies, terrorism policies, construction insurance, legal indemnity policies, and warranty and indemnity insurance, among many others. The company has key interest in the relatively new area of specialist environmental insurance, and assists real estate businesses wishing to guard themselves against environmental risk.

Stackhouse Poland is one of the top ten independent insurance brokers in the UK, with established divisions in private client insurance, commercial insurance, real estate, health and protection, and other specialist insurance propositions.

Jeremy Cary, Chairman of Stackhouse Poland, said: “We are delighted to welcome Pii to the Stackhouse Poland group. We already have an established position in the Real Estate Sector so the adition of Pii to our stable, with as much knowledge and expertise as their team brings to the party, is a triumph for our business.”

Brett Sainty, CEO of Pii, said: “Stackhouse Poland is a respected contributor to the UK insurance market, and combining our propositions is a natural fit. The acquisition is an important part of our growth strategy, allowing us to compete at the top of the market on a greater scale. To our customers, this doesn’t mean that Pii itself is changing. We are still the insurance brokers you know and trust.”

Tim Johnson, CEO of Stackhouse Poland, agrees: “By focussing entirely on property-related risks, Pii offers a unique proposition to potential clients, and an opportunity for Stackhouse Poland to expand its real estate sector knowledge through Pii’s input and expertise. We are confident that the acquisition will strengthen both businesses for mutual benefit, and that clients will see the positive changes in the months to come.”

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