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Posted on September 22, 2016

Pii is pleased to announce the launch of its Legal Indemnity shop, an online service provided in conjunction with DUAL which enables you to compare quotes for the most common title issues which arise with residential conveyancing.


What’s different about this online service when compared to others in the market?

For the first time, this new service gives you a choice of 3 quotes from different insurers all from a single website.

You can now combine up to 4 separate products/risks all under a single policy in this system, which brings with it very substantial cost savings for the client and avoids having to arrange separate policies for the same property transaction.

The quotes provided are presented in a clear and simple way showing any differences in:

  • Premium
  • Financial strength rating of Insurer
  • Whether legal defence costs are limited or unlimited
  • Excess options, that substantially reduce the premium (please note any excess does not apply to the lender)
  • Mortgage lender only cover options.


The online legal indemnity shop offers a range of prices so the products suit a range of different risk appetites and client budgets. Other features include:

  • 40 different risks available online, which you can combine into any combination as a single quote/policy
  • Flexible underwriting and competitive pricing across the ‘choice’ on offer
  • Cover for property values up to £5m
  • Each quote comes with a Disclosure and Statement of Demands and Needs document
  • Comprehensive quote summary, written in plain English, which deals with entire disclosure to client on range of quotes available, what’s covered, what’s not covered, any significant additional conditions to be aware of and, of course, exactly what has been disclosed to the Insurer to arrive at the quote (and the basis of the insurance contract).

How to Sign Up?

Simply follow this link and click on the ‘Register’ button. This will ask you to enter your email address, once you have done this your account will be set up. If you are the first person to register from your firm you will need to enter a few more details about the firm, but this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to set up.

Save time!
No need to wait for email responses from multiple sources to compare your quotes

Save money!
No need to engage with an underwriter

 Easily Compare Quotes!
3 quotes from different insurers side by side for easy comparison