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Posted on January 30, 2015

In November last year we reported on the large fines which have been imposed on Polluters under current legislation aimed at protecting the Environment.  Under the current law the property owner pays for the damage even if they did not cause the pollution.

Claims for environmental damage can be extremely costly.  This is illustrated in the three case studies shown below which have been prepared by EDIA who are experts in providing an insurance based solution to sites where there may be an environmental issue.

EDIA Factsheet – H08M – Claims – Housing Development

EDIA Factsheet – H08P – Claims – Old Site Investigations

EDIA Factsheet – H08H – Claims – Loss of Heating Oil from Hotel

Property owners would be well advised to bear in mind the previous use of land during the due diligence process of any purchase and to include an environmental survey which can pick up any potential issues.

Pii work closely with Duncan Spencer of EDIA and will be happy to arrange a quotation for anyone concerned about environmental issues either on an existing site or in respect of a proposed acquisition.

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